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Ein Weingut - drei Familien
WeintraubenRiesling wines are full of secrets. They tell a history-rich story of soil, landscapes, pleasure and joie de vivre.

Unique history
Riesling is the traditional vine variety in Germany. It is believed to derive from a wild vine from the Rhine. Cultivation of the Riesling vine was first officially recorded in 1435. The first purely Riesling vineyard dates from 1716 (Johannisberg Castle in the Rheingau area).
Nowadays most of Germany’s top Riesling vines flourish on the steep slopes of the Rhine and Mosel and their tributaries.

Fruity like no other!
No other wine develops such a fruity acid at such a comparatively moderate level of alcohol. Typical of this wine is its large range of aromas such as vineyard peach, rose blossom, grapefruit, apple and honey. There is also a wide range of quality levels and flavours, from dry to naturally sweet.

‘Quality in our Mind. Riesling in our Heart’ is our motto for that very reason. We think Riesling is the Greatest!