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It is with deep sorrow that I share the news that my father, Hugo Schwang, has passed away. He left us on January 1 2015 in Piesport – far too soon, at the age of 64 – after a battle with cancer.

My father was a passionate wine-grower. He always produced wine with the greatest respect for nature and the soil upon which his vines grew. The work in his vineyards, in his winery and with his clients was more important to him than marketing strategies and promotional activities.

One of Hugo’s most distinguishing features was taking the time needed – both for a good wine and for a good conversation. Your praise and satisfaction was what motivated him to keep making the best possible wine year after year. Since taking over his winery almost ten years ago, I have had the fortune to benefit a lot from his vast experience. I will continue the journey we embarked upon together, passionate in my aim to produce high-quality wines.

When it comes to the person that was Hugo Schwang, though, the gap my father has left behind cannot be filled: his wit, his perseverance, his unconventional ways of thinking – he truly did everything with a sense of humor and passion.

We believe this was sensed and tasted in the fruits of his labor!

Please raise a toast to him the next time you enjoy a good glass of wine!

Yours truly,

Mario Schwang and family