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Reiner Wein
‘We can’t say no to an old wine and a new idea.’
(very freely adapted from Bertolt Brecht)

Ein Weingut - drei FamilienIn the past few years the German Wine Law has also allowed further labelling information (over and above that laid down by law) to describe the flavour of the wines or certain soil characteristics. Terms such as ‘feinherb’ und ‘Classic’ are intended to supplement the designations of dry, half-dry and sweet.

In our view, terms like that do not make things any clearer for consumers because they have no clear definition.

Consequently, we believe it is essential to provide consumers with greater transparency – and that is why we came up with a special designation. In 2005 we had for the first time in our portfolio a wine we gave the appellation RZ (standing for ‘Restzucker’, or residual sugar). For example, RZ 13 stands for 13g residual sugar, i.e. for a wine at the lower end of the half-dry spectrum. You can’t get any more specific and transparent than that!

We Mosel River people are known for going it alone, and so we are not afraid of unusual ideas. That is why we are one of the very first wine estates to offer a ‘zero’ sparkling wine (brut nature), i.e. a raw sparkling wine without any added sweetness. Pure dry enjoyment!

Only when it comes to advertising are we old-fashioned – because we are convinced that good quality and thus a good reputation constitute the best form of advertising. That’s why we don’t go in for telephone marketing and glossy adverts. We prefer to invest the money in quality! You benefit from that on two counts: we give you reliable top quality at prices not inflated by marketing costs.